Experience the Joy of Shopping at Joybuy.com

Experience the Joy of Shopping at Joybuy.com

JoyBuy Review

Operated by JD , an eCommerce giant in China, JoyBuy provides an extensive array of high quality and authentic Chinese products available at competitive prices. They also take pride in delivering these items right on the customers’ doorsteps in a dependable and speedy manner.

Following the very core values of reliability and authenticity associated with the overall shopping experienced offered by JD , JoyBuy ’s goal is to provide their international customers with a robust and innovative eCommerce platform with their hand in hand cooperation with China’s domestic suppliers.

Being the largest eCommerce platform in China based on revenue, JD provides a world class set of online retail services to its large clientele, with figures now closing in to around 200 million in total.

It was in May 2014 when JD has been listed on NASDAQ in the biggest floatation of exchange during that year. By 2015, the company recorded their GMV of USD 71.4 billion with net reviews of USD 28 billion, with the latter showcasing the 58 percent increase from the previous year.

Taking pride in being a company driven by technology, JD placed a considerable effort in coming up with a scalable and robust platform which does not only support the rapid growth of the company but will also allow it to offer cutting edge services and technology to all its customers and partners.

The Man Behind JD and JoyBuy

JD and JoyBuy are the brainchild of Richard Liu. He has been the CEO and Chairman of the biggest online retail sales company in China since its inception. Liu has more than 15 years of extensive experience in the eCommerce and retail industries.

By June 1998, Liu started his Beijing-based business which is mainly engaged in distribution of the magneto-optical items. By 2004, he then launched his first ever online-based retail site. He founded the company which became JD during the later part of the year and from then, he has guided the growth and development of the company.

Liu has attended Renmin University in Beijing, China where he earned a Bachelor Degree in Sociology. He also studied in China Europe International Business School for his EMBA degree.

Mission, Vision and Values of JoyBuy

JoyBuy ’s mission is to make life joyful and carefree, it is a pretty safe website. The company’s vision is to become the world’s most trustworthy company. The core values of JoyBuy include customer first, teamwork, integrity, passion, and innovation.

The JoyBuy Process

JoyBuy takes pride in the buyer protection they offer. They will provide a refund if the customer receives an item which is of poor quality and not the same with what was described. They also ensure safe payment through secure and famous payment methods. Every purchase is also backed by a delivery guarantee wherein you can get a full refund if you failed to receive your order.

With its selection of the best Chinese brands, JoyBuy is an online shop that is guaranteed to soar high.