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Taobao Review

Just like eBay and Amazon, Taobao offers small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to open their online shops which primarily cater to customers in various Chinese-speaking areas.

Almost the entire website is in Chinese, which could be a serious barrier for people who want to buy but cannot really understand anything at all on the website. Good thing that you can always use Google Translate so you can make sense of the things written on the site. But, you have to brace yourself for odd and incomprehensible results of this translation. On its plus side, sellers are aware that some shoppers are English only and this is why they also list their English keywords.

Thanks to their quality offerings and aggressive expansion, Taobao has successfully risen to become China’s undisputed eCommerce leader after two years of their launch. Of course, an introduction to Taobao will never be complete without discussing Ma, their mascot. Ma is a basically an ant representing their corporate culture. As a way of celebrating the 5th founding of the company, Ma once organized more than 2,000 works inside a gymnasium which considered themselves as an ant army.

Taobao website Features

Once you survive the translation problems, you can say that the website is really very user-friendly. It is the very reason why there are over 5 million registered users on this site. You can easily sort out your search results according to certain criteria just like majority of search engines. You can also sort the results according to popularity, newest additions, seller’s reputation, sales and popularity.

You can also look for other seller-related service criteria such as 7-day return policy, WangWang Live Chat, cash on delivery , overseas product, consumer protection, genuine product and credit card acceptance.

After you chose an item, you can select from a variety of options for that specific items, such as size, color and more depending on the availability of the product. You can also find in-depth descriptions regarding the listing together with pictures from several angles that can be zoomed in.

You will also appreciate the number of helpful reviews you can find for every item. Most online retailers have this reviews section that is almost like a ghost town as no one leaves their reviews. But with Taobao, they incentivize the reviews, thus making the site a better option.

Customer Support

Among the most exceptional customer support features of the site are their Taobao agents. With a commission coming from the seller, the agents assist foreigners in shopping for their items. The service benefits foreign consumers as the agents are also fluent in several languages.

Taobao also has the traditional full complement of means of contact, like live chat, email, social media and phone. But, if you are a foreign customer, you will primarily work with Taobao agents.

For now customers are bound to use the translate options for English in order get access to Taobao English. Soon there will be an English version.

The Verdict

Is Taobao safe? Yes, it is a solid service. There are many good reasons why Taobao is considered as China’s top online retailer. The website is packed with useful features combined with the massive selection of items and the continuous use of innovative technologies.