There is Nothing Mini with Mini in the Box

There is Nothing Mini with Mini in the Box

MiniInTheBox Review

MiniInTheBox is a China-based company which started to sell products online back in 2006. The main mission of the company is to sell famous items at very low prices. More importantly, the company aims to keep prices consistent. It doesn’t matter if you are from the USA, Germany or any of the 50 countries served by MiniInTheBox as you will still be paying the same price.

You probably find the name of the shop a bit odd. Don’t expect that your package contains a Mini Cooper, though. The company offers an extensive selection of items although trendy automobiles are not included in the list.

The site’s name has been inspired by the famous Jack in a Box toy that plays a whimsical tune until there is a clown that jumps out from the box all of a sudden. The store wants to provide the same kind of thrill. They want to surprise their customers with top of the line consumer goods at dramatically low prices.

With the motto one world, one piece, it stemmed from their exceptional customer services to more than 170 countries, together with a vision to continue to grow tremendously. Right from its inception, it has now grown into a competitive global business in the world of electronic gadgets.

The Good

  • Free shipping for purchases more than $35
  • 14-day guarantee
  • Secure online shopping
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Easy to order

The Cons

  • A few complaints on low quality
  • Shipping can take some time

The Verdict of MiniInTheBox

Is MiniInTheBox safe? For sure. MiniInTheBox is a wonderful company for consumers who would like to buy an extensive array of products at the least prices possible. This online retailer offers everything you can imagine, from jewelry to clothing.

Many customers love the free shipping service of MiniInTheBox . You will also love to know that the company usually has specials which will provide your order with an expedited shipping for free. This can then help you in saving more money for every purchase you make.

There are a few concerns regarding the amount of time it takes for shipping items to other countries from China. If you need the product right away, then, it might not be the suitable company for you. On the other hand, if you are willing to wait for several weeks before your package arrives, MiniInTheBox perfectly matches your needs. As always, make sure to read reviews prior to buying any item online.