Top 10 Dropshipping Suppliers Chinese

Top 10 Dropshipping Suppliers Chinese

For the past few years, the dropshipping industry has seen a remarkable growth, and there is an ever growing interest, especially with dropshipping suppliers based in China. This is not really a big surprise, considering that more and more people are now buying and importing wholesale from China for selling through eBay shops and other consumer online stores.

If you have any plans to give dropshipping a try, or you just want a quick insider backdoor to help you up and selling in less than 24 hours, below is a list of the top 10 Chinese dropshipping suppliers. The names that you will see in this list have been chosen mainly because they offer an extensive array of various products for you to choose from.


Light in the Box is an all in one business catering to dropshipping, wholesale, and direct retail customers. This is an in demand dropshipper for most eBay stores, offering an affiliate program for you to send customers directly to their site to make some money. Individual sales are allowed in Light in the Box.


A predominant technology supplier, Lightake continues to increase their range and work to enhance the level of customer service and support they offer. Lightake allows individual sales and they also offer free shipping.


DH Gate carries an assortment of items, putting emphasis on the creation of a Western style of shopping experience using their site. The site also focuses strongly on customer service by way of product delivery . DH gate allows individual sales, delivers worldwide, and provides an escrow service.


Made in China has a reputation for their reliability and for selling merchandise of good quality. The company wholesales locally manufactured products from various producers through their website of eBay style. They deliver worldwide, offer an escrow service, and allow individual sales.


Good Orient has been selling online from 1998, focusing mostly on modern and traditional inspired Asian giftware and apparel. They allow individual sales.


Sourcing Map offers a smaller number of products to choose from but they strongly focus on offering reliable dropshipping services. Individual sales are also allowed here.


IP Mart is a seller of small device electronics which branched out to other categories such as apparel and homeware. Individual sales can be done in the site, too.

Glorious Mall

Gloriouss Mall is a wholesaler based in China and the United States alike. They specialize in small device electronics with certain stock in other categories like gifts, apparel, and jewelry. Individual sales are allowed and they ship worldwide, too.


You can choose to buy wholesale or you can dropship directly to anywhere in the planet with Alawoo. The site is a stockiest of general apparel, toys, and gifts. The website also allows individual sales.


Suntek Store carries a quirky combination of hobby or craft suppliers and small device electronics, making it a rather odd site. The site also allows individual sales.