What is Drop Shipping and Useful Tips You Can Try

What is Drop Shipping and Useful Tips You Can Try

When you speak of Drop Shipping, this is a form of online retailing wherein you list a product even without that item in your inventory. In general, you will work with a wholesaler, advertise the product at a retail price and once a customer buys that item, you will then place an order for it. You can earn more profits when you buy products from a wholesaler as you can often get these at discounted prices.

It is at this point that the wholesaler will usually ship the neatly packaged, impeccable and new item directly to the buyer for free. With Drop Shipping, there will be no risk, no overhead and definitely no inventory except virtually. It is a win-win situation as the wholesaler enjoys skyrocketing sales while your customer is happy since they will receive a professionally packaged and brand new item directly shipped to your doorstep.

Tips for Successful Drop Shipping

Those who want to have a Drop Shipping business would want to make more money. Below are several tips that you can follow to make this business work to your advantage:

  1. Offer something free – You can think of products that you can give away which go well with the main products which will not cost you lots of money but will further add more value to the purchase. For instance, if you offer mattresses, you might want to include pillows for free.
  2. Coupon codes – This is something you can call as affiliate program if you want to. If you can get as many people as possible who will sell your items while you make it worth for them, you can expect to make more sells. For instance, you can establish a relationship with the business owner to provide the customers 5% off and then give 5% off for the business owner for the referral.
  3. Consider joint ventures – You have to start thinking of all possibilities about more people who can promote your items for you. You can look for a business that will also mutually benefit from your product and further boost your sales as well.
  4. Offer a newsletter – When you have a topic worth to sign up for a newsletter where you can offer useful information. Then, you can have people sign up for your newsletter which is among the fastest ways for growing your email database and increasing revenue.
  5. Phone number – By making a phone number visible, buyers are going to feel more comfortable when they know that they can get in touch with you any time the need arises. You should do everything that you can to look more legitimate in order to increase your sales.
  6. Seasonal promotions – Although you are already offering promotions all year round, see to it that you break these up for various seasons or holidays.

Drop Shipping is definitely gaining an increasing popularity in many parts of the world. Make sure that you harness the profit possibilities of this exciting venture.