What to Expect from Light in the Box

What to Expect from Light in the Box

LightintheBox Review

Founded in 2007, LightintheBox is a China-based online retail company traded on New York Stock Exchange with LITB as its symbol. The website offers all kinds of products you can imagine, from clothing, to wedding dresses, home décor, a variety of electronics, small appliances and even gardening tools. Everything you find on the website is being manufactured then shipped from China.

Although the company has its own office abroad where you will be able to send your returns, majority of its business is being run in its China office. While it seems that LightintheBox is a pretty much legitimate business and not a mere front for phishing scam or peddling of stolen goods, most reviews about the website fail to point out its benefits.

There are a lot of negative reviews on this online platform with complaints regarding its poor customer service, inability of getting money back for refunds, additional taxes and duties and the need to pay for shipment of refund yourself.

But in spite of these not so good things associated with LightintheBox , this still remains to be an excellent portal where you can find wholesale pricing on a lot of hard to find and miscellaneous items, especially if you want to products in bulk or wholesale.

Is LightintheBox Safe?

By reading reviews about the website, you will discover that it is best known for the customizable evening wear and wedding apparel. Brides together with their entourages are all flocking to the site with the hopes of finding the wedding dress of their dreams with an affordable price tag that you cannot find in other traditional retailers. Aside from that, the site’s customizable features mean that there is no need to spend on custom tailoring.

Customer Service

Many of the customers of the website find the customer service of LightintheBox to be a bit sketchy. However, they do reply to tickets in a prompt manner. Just don’t expect that you will be speaking to anyone in person. Since the company is located in China, it is not known if they have someone who will be helping you with your concerns.

The Verdict of LightintheBox

All in all, you can still say that LightintheBox is somewhat a safe online store. This offers lots of secure payment options, which is proof enough that this is not a phishing website. Many of the unsatisfied customers don’t complain about stolen data on their credit card but more on not receiving the goods they ordered.

It might be best if you try purchasing a few less expensive products first to see if you will be pleased with their customer service as well as shipping times before you proceed to buying larger items.